1. Parthenogenesis by Pablo Neruda

    Day by day, all those who gave

    me advice get crazier and crazier.

    Luckily, I Paid no attention

    and they took off for some other city

    where they live together

    swapping hats with each other.

    They were praiseworthy types,

    politically astute,

    so that all my ineptitude

    caused them great suffering:

    The got gray-haired and wrinkled,

    wouldn’t stomach theur chestnuts,

    and finally an autumnal depression

    left them delirious.

    Now I don’t know which way to be-

    absent-minded or respectful;

    shall I yeild to advice

    or tell them outright they’re hysterical?

    Independence as such gets me nowhere,

    I get lost in the underbrush,

    I don’t know if I’m coming or going.

    Shall I move on or stand put,

    but tom-cats or tomatoes?

    I’ll figure out as best I can

    what I ought not to do -and then do it:

    that way, I can make a good case

    for the times I got lost on the way;

    if I don’t make mistakes

    who’ll have faith in my errors?

    If I live like a savant

    no one will be greatly impressed.

    Well, I’ll try to change for the better:

    greet them all curcumspectly,

    watch out for appearances,

    be dedicated, enthusiastic-

    till I’m just what they ordered,

    being and un-being at will

    till I’m totally otherwise.

    Then if they let me alone,

    I’ll change my whole person,

    disagree with my skin,

    get a new mouth,

    change my shoes and my eyes-

    then when I’m different

    and nobody can recognize me

    -since anything else is unthinkable-

    I’ll go on as i was in the beginning.

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